Multi-storey timber construction has evolved tremendously during recent years. An important factor has been the development and wide acceptance of cross laminated timber (CLT) as a reliable, efficient, sustainable and versatile material. A number of questions relating to structural design (component and structure level) still remain open, though.

InnoCrossLam aims at increasing even further the competitiveness of CLT as a versatile engineered product, by increasing its predictability in demanding design situations not covered by the guidelines of today, or codes and standards foreseeable in a near future. In addition, the project will further develop a previously suggested (proof-of-concept) multi-functional use of CLT in terms of its thermal activation. This is achieved by allowing conditioned air flow through channels in the CLT elements, making them an integrated part of a heating/ventilation system.

By inviting architects and engineers to define challenges faced in practice, the project will develop solutions making use of cutting-edge methods in research. The topics covered relate to a multitude of disciplines: structural design, mechanical characterization, building physics, fire resistance and sound insulation and the work includes a multi-disciplinary and holistic approach. The project results will include new solutions with recommendations and design approaches for the use of CLT in new applications/design situations, thus increasing further its competitiveness.

Work packages: