Work package 5

In WP5 “Innovative multifunctional CLT”, the findings from a recently finalized pilot study on ther-mally activated CLT elements will be developed towards maturity for application. The main objective towards this aim is to achieve the technical and regulatory requirements according to the Construction Product Regulation (CPR). The first step will be to determine the essential strength and stiffness properties. Numerical parameter studies will extrapolate the strength values and reduction factors to a wider range of application. A catalogue of connection types which are applicable to thermally activated CLT elements constitutes a key deliverable. Another focus is detailing with respect to fire resistance and sound insulation. With respect to safety in case of fire, different application areas of the thermally activated CLT-elements will be examined. The prevention of mould in the air channels as well as ensuring material purity of the final product constitute further objectives to achieve the basic requirements for construction works.