Work package 4

In WP4 the main activities will be divided into experimental assessment of structural connections and numerical analyses of complex high-rise timber and hybrid buildings. The responsible partner for WP4 is ZAG. The main expertise of the Section for Timber Structures at ZAG is in the experimental testing of timber structures and their components, including the investigation of mechanical properties when exposed to high dynamic loads such as wind and earthquake. ZAG will also be closely involved in the numerical evaluation of buildings’ earthquake safety. All these different types of expertise will be combined together in WP4 in order to reliably estimate the seismic risk of complex timber or hybrid buildings, as well as to propose possible improvements and simplifications for design. Main aims of WP4 is the seismic risk assessment of different multi-storey CLT and hybrid structural systems, development of new design procedures with the aim of improving the seismic resilience of structures. Main activities will be: Experiments (static and dynamic tests of structural elements and assemblies), nonlinear dynamic analysis of structures, parametric studies, probabilistic seismic performance assessment of structures.