Work package 3

TUW will be responsible for this WP, delivering basic information about the mechanical behaviour of clear wood, wooden boards including knot groups, and highly-stressed regions of wood-based products. The main expertise of TUW is the development of 3D mechanical models for wood, including the description of mechanical processes beyond the elastic limit, and the generation of realistic 3D virtual models of wood-based products, in order to be able to take into account material non-homogeneity within the defined design concepts. Both types of expertise will be combined within the scope of this WP in order to accurately describe the mechanical behaviour of wooden boards, as well as structural CLT details characterized by large stress gradients and stress singularities. Effective material properties, as well as new insights into the structural response of highly-stressed CLT elements, will be the main contribution of this WP, and will also represent the link to all other WPs. 

Main aims: Realistic prediction of the mechanical behaviour of CLT and CLT-based structural details, and linking the gained information to 3D structural modelling at the building level.

Main activities: Development and application of finite-element-based simulation tools, validation by means of experimental results, and extraction and preparation of relevant findings as a basis for advanced design concepts.