Work package 6 - Structural Design

Whereas the other Work Packages focus mainly on design challenges, this Work Package delivers the final and necessary step for the success of the project: it provides useful tools for practice. Practice requires reliable yet simple structural models and strategies. For practitioners, it is important that such models are included in the current design standards, and developed within the usual practice constraints, such as commercial software (instead of complex research software). Close cooperation between different packages is needed, since it will serve as a kind of repository of the results from the previous work packages, and will seek to implement them into a consistent design guideline.

This WP will develop practical design equations, models and guidelines. Its results will be summarized in practical design guides which will form an important part of the dissemination of the results of the project and reports to be presented in the relevant standardization committees for the inclusion of the developed results in structural standards. It will also provide guidance for the modeling of CLT structures when using commercial software.