Work package 2 - Components and Joints

WP2 deals with structurally challenging situations encountered in technically and architecturally innovative designs of cross laminated timber (CLT) structures. The main aim is development of rational and reliable models on the level of structural component and joints, including for example CLT beams and floors with openings and notches.

The main activities within WP2 are numerical modelling and mechanical testing. Modelling approaches are based on full 3D finite element (FE) analysis, including analysis of failure behaviour and predictions of load-bearing capacity based on Fracture Mechanics. The aim of the modelling work is twofold: (a) to obtain reliable models and thus be able to understand their general mechanical behaviour in complex situations and (b) to develop structural design modelling approaches. The mechanical testing concerns structural component in order to verify the developed numerical models and testing of products/materials and/or adhesive bonds to obtain input parameters for the numerical models regarding strength, stiffness and fracture energy.